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Stratford Mercenaries is:
Steve Ignorant
- vocals
Gagsy - guitar
Ed Da Fed - bass
Phil Phuture - drums
Mariska - keyboard

Stratford Mercenaries formed in January 1997 in London, England. Like most musicians, once inflicted with the virus for playing music, its difficult to cure, and the Stratford Mercenaries are not immune. The group includes ex-members of Dirt, Buzzcocks, SS Trolleys, Conflict, CRASS and Current 93, among others.

After forming, an initial tour of the U.S. was soon to follow in April 1997. While on tour, the group recorded a 7" which was released on SMB. Appropriately titled "Live in the U.S.", the 7" sold the initial 1000 pressings in 15 days.

Within a year the Stratford Mercenaries were in Southern Studios recording their debut album "No Sighing Strains of Violins" with Penny Rimbaud as producer. With close links to John Cloder from the Crass days, a deal was reached for the Stratford`s album to come out on Southern records all throughout the world. "No Sighing Strains of Violins" was released in June of 1998.

In the time since forming, the Stratford Mercenaries have completed 2 sell out tours of the USA, a 3 week tour in Europe, 2 weeks in Japan and a handful of appearances in the UK, playing both traditional, and DIY venues.

In early 1999, the band again recorded at Southern studios, only this time with Tony Barber of the Buzzcocks as the producer, and the addition of a keyboardist, Mariska, whose keyboard playing adds a further dimension to their already established hard edged, punk sound. The new album is called "Sense of Solitude". The Strat`s formula is given a new twist with the addition of the keyboards, while Steve Ignorant`s unmistakable vocals cover an array of social and political topics in his own imitable way.

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Stratford Mercenaries

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