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MKNZ presents itself


Dear band, manager, Santa Claus,

if you`re sure you can offer us something you want others to hear, let us know. If you want that, of course. We will be very happy if we could acept your offer and arrange for a concert between the Alps and the Mediteranean. Send us a CD, a tape, LP - anything, to hear your recordings and a piece of paper with the basic information about you. Anything.


The child came to this world at the end of the sixties. It developed into a big, strong boy that`s being fed by a great team of young boys and girls. They aspecially take care that he`s not thirsty... The dream of every inhabitant of this planet is to meet him. To get to know him. You shoul try too! You won`t be sorry.

The anthe

MKNZ is a club, similar to the centres for young on the east and sqatts on the west. We don`t live for profit. We are very happy when a good band comes, plays a great show, is pleased with the food, drink, sleeping, the visitors have fun - in a word, everybody is happy.
We also offer excellent conditions on stage. The amplifiers are strong enough and good enough, you`ll be very pleased with the monitors, you will be particularly pleased with the mixman. And lots of drinks. The club can accept upto 200 visitors, the maximum price of the ticket is 10 DEM (in tolars, liras, DEM,...). We arrange everything with the band before the concert date, so there wouldn`t be any misunderstanding. I`ll write just a small list of
bands that played in our club:

Alboth! (Swiss), Blood On The Saddle (USA), Helios Creed (USA), Cows (USA), Pleasurefuckers (Spain), Tromatism (France), Partibrejkers (Yugoslavia), Gas Huffer (USA), Hellcrusher (GB), The New Bomb Turks (USA), Teengenerate (Japan), Human Error (USA), Anarcrust (Nederland), Cement (USA), Hammerhead (USA), Mule (USA), Today Is The Day (USA), Jeff Dahl (USA), Dirt (GB), Nine Pound Hammer (USA), Gaunt (USA), The Harries (Nederland), God Bullies (USA), Cop Shoot Cop (USA), Bracket (USA), Distract Vibes (Nederland), Verbal Assault (USA), D.I. (USA), Inferno (Germany), Oi polloi (Scotland), almost all Slovenian and Yugoslavian bands,..............

Enough. If you don`t agree, let me know by
All the bands were satisfied (ask them!). Everytime they travel by, they stop and play a few songs.